Monthly Archives: January 2013

End of Break!



The past few MONTHS have been crazy for Jared and me. We have gone through so many changes and discussions to our big day and life in general. Here are the high points:

– We changed the DATE from July 13 to MARCH 30!! Extremely excited. I am so glad we changed this because it’s the ORIGINAL date I had wanted for our wedding. 10 months for our engagement was just too long.

– We changed the LOCATION from Tennessee to WEST VIRGINIA! Jared’s family is up there and there are SO many reasons as to why we did this, I can’t list them all. However, let’s just say it is going to be SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper to have it up there and more of the wedding party will be able to make it easier.

– I got a wedding planner (Jared’s Aunt, Von) who is taking care of all the details. I am so thankful to have her… She has been a God-Send to me. It has changed my point of view on weddings and how to get it done.

Other than that, the wedding is the same. The people are the same. Can I just tell you something? I have enjoyed the past few months where I didn’t plan a thing. I didn’t watch a bridal reality show, I didn’t read a magazine article. I didn’t even go to our wedding website. I spent time enjoying our engagement and our time together. Jared is an amazing human being and I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with him.

Brides, don’t get ahead of yourselves. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. You need to take time to look at your fiance and remind yourself why you love him and want to marry him without picturing him in a tux for once! You are engaged ONE TIME (hopefully) and this is it! This is all the time you get! Spend that time being in love and with the one you love. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and accept help when it’s given. No, it may not be done exactly the way you envisioned it. But guess what? You won’t remember anyway! You will be so overwhelmed by the love of those you hold dear – it won’t matter what color the bridesmaid’s shoes were. It’ll matter who is with you. So take this time and savor it. It’s the only time you have to be engaged. Then the next phase begins! 🙂