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Things I make for the Big Day.


I am super excited to maybe use this print I made for my wedding. I love Bible verses on absolutely anything and I definitely think the more we have at our wedding, the better.

Vintage Pentecost

Vintage Pentecost: Psalm 130:7 Printable

Why? Not because I want to shove Jesus down my guests’ throats. Definitely not. I know that not everyone that come to our wedding will be Christian, and not everyone who comes to our wedding will be Pentecostal. However, I do know Jared and me. We are intense lovers of Christ and we want our personalities and passions to radiate in our relationship and marriage.

So, yeah. we are going to talk about Jesus and we are going to pray. We are going to sing worship songs in the wedding (IN THE WEDDING??!?! EGAD!) and give thanks to God who created us and fit us together.  There will be a sermon. There will be an altar call. We are going to have CHU’CH! It is going to be anointed and amazing. You will cry and you will even feel closer to God than maybe you’ve felt in a while.

You have been warned.



Library theme weddings need books.

Get Your Geek On

apparently we all geek the Library around here.

In this bag are five books. Five books I bought for five dollars at the Library. Who’s excited!!!???

Vintage Christian

my vintage Christian literature.

Classics… ahhhh the smell of books.

If you’re wondering, the wedding of the century (or just the year…whatever) will be a library theme. We are both geeks and love to read. I know, who does that anymore?! Well, we do. So send me your old hardbacks… we wants them.

(Insert Gollum-esque “yes, precious, we wantsss them)