Library theme weddings need books.

Get Your Geek On

apparently we all geek the Library around here.

In this bag are five books. Five books I bought for five dollars at the Library. Who’s excited!!!???

Vintage Christian

my vintage Christian literature.

Classics… ahhhh the smell of books.

If you’re wondering, the wedding of the century (or just the year…whatever) will be a library theme. We are both geeks and love to read. I know, who does that anymore?! Well, we do. So send me your old hardbacks… we wants them.

(Insert Gollum-esque “yes, precious, we wantsss them)



It’s the first thing you think about when you hear someone is getting married:

“I wonder what her dress will look like!”

It’s the first thing to be criticized after the wedding, when all the iPhone pics show up on facebook and instagram and blah blah blah:

“I cannot believe out of all the dresses in the world, THAT is the dress she chose…”

It’s the one thing that can either shape or break a bride and how she feels about her wedding day:

Pretty, Princess, Sexy, Gorgeous, Classy. Frumpy, Snowball, Ugly, Old.

I am happy to say that I found MY dress.

Nine days after Jared asked me to be his wife (granted I had been on the lookout for a while… I knew this was coming…), I purchased my dress online at I love this site because you don’t buy it from the site. You buy it from the seller. You make direct contact with the seller, talk about the dress, talk about your wedding, and then decide based on the extra pictures they send you and description they give you. Camille, the lady I bought mine from, lives in California and was married in 1999. She is so sweet and excited for my wedding that I am going to send her pictures of the dress from the big day so she can see how happy she’s made me and how big of a part she has played in our lives.

Now, I am not one of those people who wants to judge others for where or how they get their perfect dress – after all, it’s still the Bride’s choice for her dress. However, I was so worried that people would somehow figure it out that it is preowned (aka worn before, aka HUGE DISCOUNT), like there would be a sign on my back saying, “haha, Liz is so lame that she couldn’t fly all the way to Kleinfeld’s to get a decent dress, or didn’t have enough money to drop $3000 on a dress she’s going to wear ONE TIME.”

WHO ELSE THINKS THAT IS A RIDICULOUS IDEA??!? I am obsessed with Say Yes To The Dress, David Tutera, and anything else TLC comes up with about weddings. BUT! I don’t understand why these women want to spend so much money!! I watched a girl buy TWO dresses- the first one was custom made at $18,000 and the other one that she bought since she didn’t like the custom one was $25,000. I spent less on my college education than she did for ONE of her dresses. The sum of all the cars I’ve bought in my whole life don’t come up to the price that she (actually, her parents) paid for ONE of those dresses. I know they want their princess to be happy and have everything she wants, but come on. Please let me know if I’m alone in this.

I am immeasurably in love with my dress. It will need some alterations but other than the fact that I am shorter than Camille and want the sleeves to be 3/4 length, it is perfect. It is what I always envisioned for my day – and when I walk down that aisle, no one will be worried about who wore it first. Why?

Because I’m going to rock it.

the dress.


We got engaged about two weeks ago (on a Tuesday .. random). Jared decided he would do what I had always wanted but never told anyone – he came to my classroom and asked me to marry him in front of all my students! Being high schoolers, they had a super good time laughing at Ms. F crying and being overall girly and emotional. I just know that now I get to start my life with my best friend! So here we go…