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It is Well on


It is Well on

It is well with my soul.

I got into a wreck yesterday. It hurt. I was upset because my car is ruined. But my husband was happy.

Why? Because I was still alive. He had a momentary loss of joy when he was afraid I was hurt and non responsive. When I let him know I was fine, his world began to turn again. For him, it was a good thing.

Remember, no matter what happens to you, there is always something GOOD to come from it. I was reassured in this problem moment that my husband loves me and that more than anything I need, I have love.

So when trouble comes your way and trials try to stop your joy, remember to sing – IT IS WELL.


Library theme weddings need books.

Get Your Geek On

apparently we all geek the Library around here.

In this bag are five books. Five books I bought for five dollars at the Library. Who’s excited!!!???

Vintage Christian

my vintage Christian literature.

Classics… ahhhh the smell of books.

If you’re wondering, the wedding of the century (or just the year…whatever) will be a library theme. We are both geeks and love to read. I know, who does that anymore?! Well, we do. So send me your old hardbacks… we wants them.

(Insert Gollum-esque “yes, precious, we wantsss them)